My current body of work is inspired by the delicate balance between order and chaos in each of our lives. This idea is produced spontaneously as I work, with intuition guiding me.  I free myself from the constraints of reason and rely on the on my inner rythym to achieve balance.  I am energized by re-interpreting the world artistically.  

My work is both abstract and representational. Using tools such as palette knives, brushes, rags and print blocks, a concept is conceived on canvas using sweeping motion and tightly executed details. Color variation and subtle texture add to the visual interest and vibrancy of my work

I am interested in the potential offered by the interplay of movement, color, and light, which, when balanced, produces a rhythmic visual narrative. My creations are bursting with energy as an open plane of broad strokes coexists with precise elements throughout. The colors I choose are both bold and subtle inspiring mood, thought and meaning.

My work consists of related images that grow from one another.  Each painting is created using shapes, both spherical and linear, that are manipulated and presented from multiple vantage points.  Shapes are stretched, repeated, overlapped and layered.  Each series within the larger body contains an element of the others.  

I have studied art throughout my life, both in my childhood home and at Binghamton University, The Art Students League in New York City, The Montclair Art Museum in New Jersey and the Syracuse University School of Art. Currently, I teach art to Adults with special needs and am a Visiting Artist at The Montessori School of Greater Hartford. I exhibit my work at galleries, at museum exhibitions and juried art shows throughout the area. 


Binghamton University, B.A.
Adelphi University, MSW
Syracuse University Art Program
Art Students League, New York City