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I am an abstract artist motivated by the desire to interpret what I see in the most basic elements of form and color. I seek to liberate form and color, releasing their potential. Using subtle composition changes, color choices and bold pattern, I impact the outcome of each piece. 

Creating with intention and spontaneity I am focused on conveying a sense of rhythm coinciding with order and balance.  Using tools such as palette knives, brushes, rags and print blocks, a concept is conceived using sweeping motion and tightly executed details.  Color variation and subtle texture add to the visual interest and vibrancy of my work.  With a consistent philosophy I work on multiple interconnected series.  Working on my representational images of trees in my Trees series or on the large scale graphic Abstract Series, I maintain a relationship using color and shape as a connecting element.  By demonstrating the relationship of color and shape rather than in the objects themselves and stripping away inessential elements from the paintings, a reduction in the representation of reality is achieved. Using a limited palette and a repetitive pattern, these large scale works explore the coupling of free movement within boundaries. 

In my Tree series, the colors are vibrant and powerful, while maintaining simplicity in composition and style.  A sense of a journey can be felt as an invitation to explore. The juxtaposition of form and color manipulate the visual field where colors come forward and recede. The foreground and background can seem to interchange and elicit pause.  Negative spaces become as an important as the trees themselves.  Precision of lines and boundaries, strengthen the bold nature of the image.  In the Sphere series, the geometric focus changes from the line to exploring the circle. In both Series the object is freed from the expectation that can be produced by color.  In the Sphere series an orb looms large and close, the distance is distorted, trees rise, slender and powerful as they climb an impossible distance. The image itself is one of calm and serenity, but the object is teeming with dynamic energy.   Working on several paintings simultaneously, images grow from one another. Geometric elements, spherical and linear, are manipulated and presented from multiple vantage points  Shapes are stretched, repeated, overlapped & layered.  Each piece contains a piece of the other as they are in essence born of one another.

Johannes Itten, the Bauhaus color theorist and artist stated “the end and aim of all artistic endeavor is liberation of the spiritual essence of form and color and its release from imprisonment in the world of objects.”  The driving force in my work is the exploration of color and composition.  I am inspired by Piet Mondrian’s use of color and graphic abstraction as well as the color fields of Rothko, whose large regions of color burst with possibility.   Color and shape take precedent over the objects themselves I am fascinated by the powerful changes that occur in an image when a simple element such as a line or shape is altered.  Continuity in each of my series exists while each piece maintains its individuality.

I have studied art throughout my life, both formally and informally in my childhood home and at Binghamton University, The Art Students League in New York City, The Montclair Art Museum in New Jersey and the Syracuse University School of Art.  I exhibit my work at galleries,  museum exhibitions, art fairs and juried art shows throughout the area. 


Binghamton University, B.A.
Adelphi University, MSW
Syracuse University Art Program
Art Students League, New York City